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BOHEMME designs and produces high-end sterling silver jewelry with 18K laminated gold.

In 2010 the brand BOHEMME broke into the Fashion Jewelry sector with overwhelmingly positive response. BOHEMME is now sold in 25 countries throughout the world.

Our innovative designs together with superior craftsmanship provide the basis of our growth and our consumer recognition.

BOHEMME is located in the beautiful city of Cordoba in Spain, where a dedicated team works daily in pursuit of excellence.

Antonio Espaliú

evolucion de la joyeria

With almost 30 years in the jewelry business, Antonio Espaliú, a member of one of Cordoba’s most traditional jewelry families, is the pillar of BOHEMME. The strength that each design exudes is the result of a whole life devoted to this noble profession.

Continuing the heritage started by his grandfather and followed by his father, Antonio Espaliú states that to move people, a piece of jewelry must convey a passion from the creator who designed it.

“Because the world is constantly changing, our biggest challenge is always to surprise with our designs. We know how to make jewelry that does not go unnoticed and can be worn both day and night.”


At BOHEMME we don’t follow fashion. We create trends. We make unique pieces of jewelry to share our passion with women and men, either for a special moment or for every day.

We touch the emotions preserving the WOW factor in all of our collections, and we work to make our jewelry inescapable

Symbol & Corporate colors

Our logo represents the 8 values of BOHEMME. Since ancient times octagonal forms have been present in many cultures around the world as a symbol of regeneration and union
between the universe and humanity.

Today BOHEMME revitalizes and re-interprets this universal symbol in homage to the amazing gift
we have been privileged to share: Life.




Bohemme Woman

The BOHEMME woman is bold, confident, and not afraid to show it. Her inner beauty and strength is reflected in her life and her style. She is open minded and learns at every moment, always looking ahead.

The BOHEMME woman is a free spirit and says of her life:

“I don’t care what people may think.That’s the way I am. I live my way and I wear what I want. I live according to my own rules….I feel so good. I am BOHEMME! ”

Our Jewels