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925/000 sterling silver Earrings with 18k laminated yellow gold, Champagne CZ, Tanzanite & Pink Tourmaline Quartz doublets .


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Every tear that falls is unique, just like each piece in this collection. The ‘Tears’ earrings by BOHEMME are a jewelry piece that complements your style. This artisanal jewel presents four beautiful pink tourmaline & tanzanite quartz doublets forming a lucky clover, surrounded by a circle of champagne stones and 18K gold accents. Enjoy our latest creation of 2023

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The “Tears” collection by BOHEMME takes its inspiration from the shape of tears. The Romans believed that humanity descended from the tears of the gods. Unadulterated and pure, a tear is the most genuine expression of the heart, reflecting experiences of immense joy and profound love. When words fall short of articulating the happiness within our hearts, tears remain as the sole beautiful expression.

These earrings are far more than mere jewelry; they encapsulate an emotional experience that symbolizes precious and unique moments in life. This extraordinarily designed jewel is crafted from recycled 925 silver and meticulously handmade in our workshops.

Doublets of quartz in various colors, such as the green of emerald, the lovely pink of tourmaline, and the intense blue of tanzanite, offer a broad spectrum of choices. Ranging from soft and subtle tones to vibrant and audacious shades, each jewel in the “Tears” collection is distinctive and personal. Every color represents a nuance of emotions, allowing you to discover the piece that resonates with your mood and individual style.

Perfect for transitioning from day to night and when combined with other “Tears” jewelry, you’ll captivate everyone.

Acquire the most beautiful jewel of 2023!

*The hue of semi-precious stones may slightly vary due to their natural origin.

Here are some characteristics of the articulated and designed earrings in silver and 18K gold with emerald-colored doublets from BOHEMME.
• Jewels crafted with top-quality materials
• Handmade in Spain
• Crafted from recycled 925 silver
• Round motifs in 18K gold
• High-quality black rhodium
• Butterfly clasp
• Highly versatile jewel, perfect for any occasion

Additional information

Dimensions35 × 21 m

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